Warm and human facilitation, good structure, sense of openness. The huge diversity of work people are undertaking was stimulating and inspiring”
— Participant of In the Thick of It

We want you to succeed.


You are not just thinking about it, you are doing it. Or at least you are trying really hard.

Perhaps you’ve been doing it your whole career, but never given it a name.

You are one of a growing number of pioneers experimenting with systemic solutions to systemic problems. Solutions that will benefit people and planet.

You’re tired and inspired in equal measure. Your work is messy, unfinished, and hard to explain.

It also represents a beacon of hope for a better way of responding to our interconnected challenges, and we want you to succeed.  

This Sanctuary has been created for you. 


IN THE THICK OF IT    |  February - July 2018

                                                         |  February - September 2019 

SYSTEMS SISTERHOOD | June - December 2018 

February - September 2019


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We seek a diverse, international cohort for our programs, who are working on different systems and challenges from public services, to poverty, to climate change, members of professions.  

Taking part will feel inspiring, supportive and fun.

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