Warm and human facilitation, good structure, sense of openness. The huge diversity of work people are undertaking was stimulating and inspiring”
— Participant of In the Thick of It

You might be a systems leader.

We work to embolden you and help you to prioritize yourself and your needs. We support you to lead differently, to act with confidence and to be yourself more often.

We support you to build the systems change literacy and practice of your ecosystem to take your work to the next level.

We help you make new connections and meet new colleagues. People you can look up to, learn from and connect with in a fully human way. Your ideas and experience are validated. You will feel heard and know that you are not alone.

We make the connection between the personal, the political and the systemic. You hear stories that inspire you, tips and tricks about how to improve your strategy, frameworks you hadn’t heard of. You will be more likely to succeed and less likely to burn out.

You might be a beginner.

We help navigate the knowledge landscape around systems thinking. We share frameworks for seeing the system and help you build a strong theoretical foundation to give you confidence to apply new practice. We teach you how to build ecosystems for systems change. We teach ecosystems how to think and act systemically.   

We help you identify current band-aid solutions and see how to move forward on a systems level. To see how what you’re already doing fits into a systemic strategy for change. We help you to understand the cultural dimensions of your work and leave you reinvigorated, with clarity and renewed hope.

Systems leader or systems beginner.

This Sanctuary has been created for you. 

We want you to succeed.

Rachel & Tatiana are skilled at transforming systems practice theory and mapping methods into very accessible concepts that resonate with systems practice novices.

In addition to being excellent teachers of the content, I was impressed by the thoughtfulness in how they structure learning and the learning environment, and how they build in space for participants to truly reflect and connect with one another.

Lastly, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with them.

IN THE THICK OF IT    |  February - July 2018

                                                         |  February - September 2019 

SYSTEMS SISTERHOOD | June - December 2018 

February - September 2019


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We seek a diverse, international cohort for our programs, who are working on different systems and challenges from public services, to poverty, to climate change, members of professions.  

Taking part will feel inspiring, supportive and fun.

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