Peer-to-peer learning for system leaders

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You have realized that the system is failing us.

It's just not set up to support people and/or nature to flourish. You are committed, for your own reasons, to doing something about it.

Changing things takes a portfolio of solutions, not just one program and you’ve been experimenting with which work best for some time.

You see the interconnection between the people already in the system. You see where the power is currently held. You can also see the outliers with the good ideas whose voice is not being heard and you see their potential, even if they don’t.

Your role is to facilitate connection. You bring people together, illuminating the way things work now, highlighting potential solutions. You create space for people to ‘wake up’.

You bridge worlds. You connect communities, you build coalitions, you build capacity, you teach, you incubate and support and lobby.

And then, just when it all starts to kind of work you walk away and do it all over again somewhere else. Because it’s not just a job to you, it’s who you are.

We call people like you 'systems leaders' and The Systems Sanctuary has been created to support you. 



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Sanctuary's are carefully curated spaces where you can:



With a group who understand what you're talking about.

You will receive practical advice, ideas and feedback on a specific challenge you are facing and learn from challenges and answers of others.   


Which can clarify and enrich your work; learn new tools, frameworks & techniques from peers who've actually used them. 


With like-minded peers and leave with a diverse network of systems change practitioners that will last long after the program has ended.

Taking part will feel inspiring, supportive and fun.   


In the thick of it 

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Who is this for?

It is open to people who have been leading a systems change initiative for at least two years. We are seeking a diverse, international cohort, who are working on different systems and challenges from public services, to poverty, to climate change, members of professions and beyond.

We especially welcome those who have been disadvantaged by our current systems and welcome applications from people all over the world. We will work out time zones as to fit our cohort.

What will it involve? 

  • Our programs are hosted virtually via Zoom 
  • The first program will be run monthly from March- August 2018 
  • We are planning a second Cohort in Summer- Fall 2018
  • Each session will be 1.5 hours long
  • Participants will be required to commit to all 6 sessions in order to take part

What will happen on the calls?

    Each session will involve small group gatherings of up to 6 people with a different person sharing a challenge each month, followed by peer-to-peer coaching.

    Using the principles of Open Space, we will also build in time for new topics to emerge and be explored together as they arise. The groups will be facilitated by either Tatiana or Rachel.


    There is a sliding scale. More info to come shortly. 



    The Systems Sisterhood 


    Whats the deal? 

    System sisterhood invites women to be part of a community designed to support learning and reflection through life transitions.

    We will explore the unique challenges and insights into women’s roles as leaders, issues related to power including levers and challenges and new roles in leading change.

    We will reflect on transitions and share practices to support embracing the unknown and the emergence of something new. 

    We will also explore new frames and the big questions about life priorities as we balance multiple roles including leaders, mothers, caregivers, and more.

    Who is this for? 

    The sisterhood is open to women of all ages and who have been, or are beginning to work in, systems change. We are looking for an international, multi-generational cohort because we believe in passing wisdom up and down the generations. 



    What will it involve? 

    • A willingness to take a deep dive into personal reflection and strategic leadership building

    • Commitment to a total of 7 peer sessions, 3 coaching calls and individualized reflective practice.

    • We will convene peer learning circles virtually via Zoom

    • The cohort will begin in spring of 2018 through to december 2018

    • Each peer session session will be 1.5 hours long

    • We will coordinate coaching and peer mentorship sessions

    What will happen on the calls? 

    Each session will involve peer-to-peer learning. Coaching and peer mentorship will be scheduled individually and in pairs. We will design and support daily reflective practice rituals and we will also build in time for new topics to emerge and be explored together as they arise. The groups will be co-facilitated by Tatiana and Rachel.


    There will be a sliding scale, to be updated shortly. 



    IN THE THICK OF IT  |  February 2018 – July 2018


    An immersive peer-coaching experience for a growing community of pioneers experimenting with systemic solutions to systemic social and environmental problems.

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