You have realized that the system is failing us.

It's just not set up to support people and/or nature to flourish. You are committed, for your own reasons, to doing something about it.

Changing things takes a portfolio of solutions, not just one program and you’ve been experimenting with which work best for some time.

You see the interconnection between the people already in the system. You see where the power is currently held. You can also see the outliers with the good ideas whose voice is not being heard and you see their potential, even if they don’t.

Your role is to facilitate connection. You bring people together, illuminating the way things work now, highlighting potential solutions. You create space for people to ‘wake up’. You bridge worlds. You connect communities, you build coalitions, you build capacity, you teach, you incubate and support and lobby.

And then, just when it all starts to kind of work you walk away and do it all over again somewhere else. Because it’s not just a job to you, it’s who you are.

We call people like you 'systems leaders' and The Systems Sanctuary has been created to support you.