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Who is this for?

Embed It is for people trying to embed systemic practice within their organization.

This may be grant makers, or not-for-profit organizations who are convinced a systemic strategy is necessary, but are just not sure how to get there.

Our in-house Systems Sanctuary Program is designed with this unique challenge in mind. It will embed systems thinking and doing within your organization for the long term and leave you with powerful systems leaders you can reply on, who feel supported and strengthened in their work.

What does it involve? 

We work with the key systems leaders within your ecosystem, in any location, over a three year period.

We create an independent space for them to meet, connect and support one another to strengthen and improve their practice.

We do this in two ways, by hosting :

  • A supportive peer-learning platform, built specifically for your organization.

We facilitate an in-house peer coaching program. Your in-house Cohort will meet virtually, in groups of up to 6, on a monthly basis via Zoom, for 1.5 hours.

We use a combination of peer-learning, coaching and collaborative sense-making to support systems leaders to find their own solutions.

Participants share the challenges they’re grappling with, make sense together and with the support of facilitators, use this knowledge to inform strategic decision making.

They bring their progress back to the group, so we continue to learn about what works and what doesn’t, as they experiment with systemic interventions.

Our communities build a sense of trust and become the support network your systems leaders can rely on, as they navigate this work.

A package of bespoke training modules designed to train your staff on the systemic challenges they face in real time   

We know that the theory and frameworks of systems change work are inaccessible and confusing.

We use our combined 25 years experience of working on systemic challenges, to help your systems leaders to navigate the landscape. We share clear building blocks for systemic interventions, meeting participants where they are at, to help them take the next wise step strategically.

Our research has also unearthed a series of unique skills that are crucial for success of systems leaders in this work. This often neglected part of systems leadership work is illuminated in detail and put front and center of our training program too.

We host six sessions annually based on your bespoke needs.

What happens at each training session?

We bring our Cohorts together virtually, for tailored deep dive training delivered by our team or invited guests. Training is interactive and includes, peer reflection and workshop sessions exploring how this knowledge applies to real time challenges.

What is it like working with you?

Working with us always feels open, honest and compassionate. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen deeply, to empower leaders to find solutions from their own experience, and on turning these insights clear strategy .