Deep Dives

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What’s the deal?

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You’re working in systems change and on the whole you love the work you do, but there is a shadow side which you don’t get a chance to talk about. 

Perhaps you are torn, balancing your ambition for systemic change with the very real job of earning money to survive and pay for the basics. You want to step away from cycles of boom and bust, but it never seems to happen.  

Or you could be feeling totally overwhelmed with work. Managing a lot and is one of your core skill sets, but you are finding it physically impossible to do all that you want to do. You are on the edge of burnout and you wonder, am I the only one finding this so incredibly hard?

Or perhaps you’re working in the dominant system from a privileged location and issues of racism and exclusion are bubbling up and calling to be addressed. You understand that things need to be done differently and you want to help make change, but you are not equipped to deal with the root of the issues. 

If you are struggling with any of these issues, we can say with resounding confidence, you are not alone. 

We have identified a set of edgy issues and challenges we are facing in the field of systems change and we wanted to create the opportunity to crack these open, create time for reflection and deep dive conversation about them. In doing so we aim to strengthen our collective practice on these fronts.

These key themes have emerged during time together in our In the Thick of It and The Systems Sisterhood programs.

The Deep Dive series is a focused exploration of key themes including Health, Wellness & Burnout, Interrogating Whiteness and Money.