Deep Dive Series

Deep Dive Series

from 350.00

The deep dive series is a focused exploration of key themes including:

Heath, Wellness and Burnout


Interrogating Whiteness

Being More of Ourselves at Work

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What is the value?

These are topics that we know show up in your life.

This is an opportunity to put one of these topics at the center of your thoughts for a month.

Taking part in these programs is an investment in building your network of systems leaders who will validate your experience with their own and could become trusted colleagues in the future.

What will happen on the calls?

  • Leading experts and practitioners in the field will share their latest thinking to inform our thinking and reflection

  • We will create the space to exchange and learn from one another in small, intimate groups, on and off our calls  

  • Through our peer exchanges and individual reflection processes, we will be guided by our experience and the questions we are each holding.

More specifically

  • Virtual 1.5 hour gathering on zoom. This will including provocations from 2 leading experts and intimate conversations in small groups.

  • Homework - A curated list of articles, books and videos to watch in advance of and after each call to further your thinking.  

  • Buddy call one-to-one conversation with two other participants.  

  • Curated personal reflection practice  

  • Virtual 1.5 hour gathering on zoom. This will include small group and larger group conversations. We will surface learnings and themes from the program.  

  • A designated slack channel for you to continue the conversation during and after the program has ended.