Our Cohorts 

Our first program, In the thick of it launched in March 2018 and finished in August. We had a brilliant group of systems leaders from the US, UK, Canada, Ethiopia and New Zealand.

The Systems Sisterhood will begin in late August 2018 and finish in March next year. Again, we have a diverse group from the UK, US, Canada and Australia joining us. 

You can find out more about our brilliant participants below.  Check them out, by clicking on each program below (in no particular order).  

I appreciated most the honesty of participants, the flexible yet structured approach, and the safe space for exploring the emotional conflicts that come with systems work. I am still new to the field and greatly appreciated the opportunity to build connections with people who’ve been at it longer than I and gain the wisdom of their experiences.
— Participant, In the Thick of It, Cohort 1