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I really appreciated everyone’s wholehearted presence. The variety of our experiences, and the commonalities.
— Participant, In the Thick of It, Cohort 1


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In the Thick of it

We invite applications from those who have been leading a systems change initiative for at least two years. More than two years is also very much welcome, we just want to make sure there is a similar baseline level of experience across our cohort. 

We are seeking a diverse, international group who are working on different systems and challenges from public services, to poverty, to climate change, members of professions and beyond.

We especially welcome applications from those who have been disadvantaged by our current systems and are open to applications from all over the world. We will work out time zones as to fit our group. 

The Systems Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is open to women of all ages and who have been, or are beginning to work in, systems change. We are looking for an international, multi-generational cohort and particularly welcome applicants who have been disadvantaged by our current systems. 


Once we receive your application we will get in contact to set up time for an interview. The interview takes about 30 minutes and we use it to hear more about your work and for both you and us to explore whether you will be a good fit for the program. The criteria for entry are transparent and explained above.  

The Deadline for Sisterhood Applications is May 27 2018. 


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