The Climate Camaraderie

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What’s the deal?

We need you right now.  

With the recent IPCC report and subsequent warnings from Attenborough to the US Government, we all need to pull together and focus systems change efforts on climate change.

You are already on the case, but to keep going, you’re going to need some support.   

We know that working systemically sets up a series of specific challenges; from navigating power and challenging relationships, to learning how to collaborate in new ways, and understanding your own role in the system.

It requires a mindset shift as you slowly get used to the idea that you are not going to transform a system overnight, rather you nudge it in a better direction, over the long-term. This can feel disheartening. You see the urgency of the problem and the change does not feel fast enough. A combination of the seriousness and the messiness of this kind of work has an impact on the people leading it. On top of this there is a need to constantly skill up; to learn new frameworks, tools and processes that can help you do your work more effectively. The skills you need will not always be immediately obvious, they emerge as your initiative develops.

We understand the challenges of systems leadership, because we’ve been there. The Systems Sanctuary was founded on a deep understanding of the unique challenges systemic change work presents and a drive to provide both the emotional and strategic support for those willing to take it on. Our approach has had a transformational impact on the people who are part of the process and our culture is at the heart of this impact. While we both have significant experience on the field of systems change practice, we believe in putting the experience of the systems leader at the center of our work and supporting them to become the leaders they want to become.

We really want you to succeed and to do it in a way that sustains you, doesn’t burn you out.  

Who is this for?

It is open to people who have been leading a systems change initiative around climate change for at least two years.

We look for a diverse Cohort who are working on climate systems change from intersecting angles including (but not limited to), renewable energy, food production, climate justice, gender equity and finance.  

We prioritize participation from people who are working from lived experience of unjust and unhealthy systems, and we welcome applications from people all over the world.

What will it involve?

  • Our programs are hosted on a monthly basis virtually via Zoom

  • Each session is 1.5 hours long

  • Participants are required to commit to all 7 sessions in order to take part

What will happen on the calls?

Each session will involve small group gatherings of up to 6 people with a different person sharing a challenge each month, followed by peer-to-peer coaching.

Using the principles of Open Space, we will also build in time for new topics to emerge and be explored together as they arise. Through this process we surface inquiry and patterns, exchange relevant learning, resources and tools. The groups will be facilitated by either Tatiana or Rachel.


There will be a slide scale for different types of organization. Price is in USD

  • Corporate and Foundation: $3,000, Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $2,400

  • NGO: $1,500 Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $1,200

  • Independent $1,000 Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $800

We can spread the cost of your participation out over 4 months in a 0% interest payment plan.

We are committed to convening a diverse, high impact Cohort. If this feels like exactly what you need right now, but the cost gets in the way of applying, please complete this application for a discount.   

Deadline for applications

  • Early Bird 18 January 2019

  • Final Deadline for applications 25 January 2019


The System Sanctuary is committed to ensuring participation of system leaders from diverse backgrounds and contexts. We recognize that system leaders are working in various ways that may impact economic security. If the proposed fees are a barrier to your participation, we offer a sliding scale.

Please fill out this form to apply for a sliding scale.

You must also have filled out the full Registration form, in order for us to process your sliding scale application. We will get back to you within 2 weeks.