There is a great sense of camaraderie between women. I feel that I can share my innermost questions and ideas with those who ‘get’ where I am coming from, in a safe space.


The Systems Sisterhood

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What’s the deal?

The Systems Sisterhood is a place to find camaraderie and support for women working in systems change who are in a 'life transition'.  

Transitions might include: leaving a big project or an organization you've been leading or starting a new leadership role; taking time out to look after children, or relatives; going through change at home; moving into elderhood; or simply feeling called to dig deeper into your sense of purpose.

This is a place for a collective inquiry about the challenges and possibilities that emerge for women systems leaders. Themes we've spotted include dealing with power, negotiating family balance, emerging wisdom and new leadership styles.

We dig into big questions about life priorities; share practices to support embracing the unknown and emergence; and reflect on how we navigate big changes in our work and lives.

This is an intergenerational program that allows for mentoring from those at different stages of life.  

You will leave with an international network of amazing women working in your field to lean on, for whatever comes next.

We run The Systems Sisterhood program annually.

Who is this for?

The Sisterhood is open to women of all ages and who have been, or are beginning to work in, systems change.

We encourage women and women identified participation of all ages to apply.  

We prioritize participation from people who are working from lived experience of unjust and unhealthy systems, and we welcome applications from people all over the world.

What will it involve?

  • The current Cohort began in March 2019 through to September 2019

  • We convene peer learning circles in a monthly basis virtually via Zoom

  • Each peer session session is 1.5 hours long

  • Commitment to a total of 7 peer sessions and individual reflective practice

  • Connection to responsive and personalized coaching

  • Applications for the next Sisterhood will open in October 2019. You can register your interest to keep updated below.

What will happen on the calls?

Each session involves small group gatherings of up to 6 people with a different person sharing a challenge each month, followed by peer-to-peer coaching. Through this process we surface shared inquiry, exchange learning, resources and support.

We are joined by guest speakers and practitioners who have helped us personally through our own transitions, to support you in spirit, mind and body. We will also build in time for new topics to emerge and be explored together as they arise.

Read more of our thinking on women, transitions and systems change

For more information on our framing and the guiding inquiry check out our blog here.

Find an interview with special guest Vanessa Reid, here.

You can read our publication summarizing the themes that emerged from the first program here:

Our special guests

Tanya Birl Torres

Tanya Birl Torres

Guests speakers for this group include Tanya Birl Torres of So Humanity in New York, who will share her practice around 'embodying change'. She has taken her years of experience as a Broadway performer and melded it with her love and passion for social justice. With a deep and grounded sense of presence she now teaches yoga, meditation and how to embody change in yourself.   

Vanessa Reid

Vanessa Reid

Vanessa Reid of The Living Wholeness Institute will also be joining us to share her depth of spiritual, reflective, body and awareness practices. Vanessa has extensive experience working with transitions, personal and systemic transformation and the natural cycles of life - from the mess and excitement of creating new systems and initiatives to the practices of Conscious Closure and the Wild Life of Dying. She has worked across Europe, the Middle East and North America.


There is a sliding scale for different types of organization. Price is in USD

  • Corporate and Foundation: $3,000, Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $2,400

  • NGO: $1,500 Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $1,200

  • Independent: $1,000 Early Bird (before Jan 18, 2019) $800

We can spread the cost of your participation out over 4 months in a 0% interest payment plan. We are committed to convening a diverse, high impact Cohort. If this feels like exactly what you need right now, but the cost gets in the way of applying, please complete this application for a bursary.    


The System Sanctuary is committed to ensuring participation of system leaders from diverse backgrounds and contexts.  We recognize that system leaders are working in various ways that may impact economic security. If the proposed fees are a barrier to your participation, we offer a sliding scale.

Please fill out this form to apply for a sliding scale.

You must also have filled out the full Registration form, in order for us to process your sliding scale application. We will get back to you within 2 weeks.